Founder Budd Sugarman was born in Vancouver in 1921 and became a respected interior designer and antique dealer in the United States. His interior decorating projects were highly skilled and always reflected his passion for historical detail. Sugarman moved to Toronto in 1947 after serving in the Canadian Armed Forces and brought his designs to the Canadian market. He was one of the cities leading interior designers and an international stature in the design world. The eclectic fabric line was developed due to a difficulty in sourcing the fabric required for his decorating projects. He became renowned for his innovative and unusual colour combinations with many whimsical elements throughout each design.
The development of Hazelton House is closely linked to the modern revival of the ancient craft of Hand Block printing. In 1977, Sugarman began working with a British mill, developing a glorious collection of designs and archive prints that constitute the collection, using the original wooden blocks. Today Hazelton House is represented in major cities throughout North America, Europe and the UK.