Chinese Family

A classic English “chinois” design with vignettes reminiscent of those found on Chinese screen panels of the 18th and 19th century. The design is hand blocked using a set of 185 blocks engraved in 1919 and 23 block colours.
The strapwork on the Chinese Family fabric is hand-screen printed. This itself is a beautiful shape but forms the initial layout of the design.
There are a large number of small and detailed blocks used to create this pattern. Many of the blocks are fitted by eye. There are several large areas of coverage and in order to print these the wooden face of the block is routed out so that an 8mm deep segment of woolen felt can be inlaid. The wood around the edge is important in protecting the edge of the felt as it goes through printing and the blocks are subsewuently stored. Both materials create different print effects, and a halo can often be seen.